Improve your life and health by participating in Mature Fitness Awards USA, the nation's first recognition program for older adult fitness achievements.

The Mature Fitness Awards USA are designed to encourage and recognize regular physical activity among adults age 50, 60, 70, and over. The program offers 25 activities with something for everyone, from beginning exercisers to long-time fitness enthusiasts. Many activities are appropriate (or can be adapted) for disabled participants. When selecting an activity, find one that you enjoy and that fits into your daily or weekly routine so you will be likely to stick with it.

Participate Individually, with Friends, or in a Class
Some activities require minimal equipment and can be carried out individually. Others are offered through park and recreation departments, YMCAs and YWCAs, health clubs, senior centers, and retirement communities. Classes may be combined with independent activities to meet your award requirements. If you are not in a scheduled class, having a partner or group share your activity can be fun and help keep you motivated. Recruit a friend or two to join you, or look for a mall walkers club or similar group in your community.

Earning Your Mature Fitness Award
Keep track of your progress by recording the details in the log provided on this site. All activities are designed to be done regularly for 16 weeks. Notice that moderate activities will be done more frequently or for longer time periods than more vigorous activities. At the end of 16 weeks, you will have earned two rewards: the Mature Fitness Award to display proudly, and more importantly, improved health through increased physical activity. Once you have earned one award, you're ready to get to work on another!

Components of Fitness
Experts have identified a few basic components of fitness. Among them are:

  • Cardiorespiratory endurance (sustained ability of lungs, heart, and blood
    vessels to carry oxygen to your body's cells and the muscles' ability to use
    the oxygen) — addressed by aerobic exercise
  • Muscular fitness (strength and endurance)
  • Flexibility (movement of your joints through their full range of motion freely and comfortably)
Health Benefits for You
Each Mature Fitness Awards activity addresses one or more fitness components. If you improve in just one or two of these areas, that is a significant benefit to your health and well-being! You may also gain a better sense of balance, improved agility, a positive change in your body composition, and reduced discomfort from arthritic joints or back problems.

All of the advantages of physical activity are important to good health and quality of life.

Important Tips to Remember

  • Before starting any new activity, check with your physician to be sure it is suitable for you. Ask your doctor for help in determining your target heart rate, which is important for you to know during aerobic exercise.
  • With any new activity, start out slowly and build up to the ideal workout for you.
  • Exercise in a safe location and use the proper safety equipment for your activity, whether this means a life jacket, knee and elbow protectors, a helmet, or well-fitting walking shoes.

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